Where Did We Get Our Name? The History of Music City Highway

You see our name, emblazoned across the heading of this website and on stickers and shirts traveling with our fans that grace the communities, neighborhoods and streets from Mobile to Mackinaw City with Music City in the middle, but the name is much much more than just a the sticker or website, it’s a lifestyle and a brand which celebrates the small town life to the Big City “Music City” life, representing the history and freedom that reside along a famous and historic stretch of blacktop from coast to coast we call home. Music City Highway ®

Music City Highway® is a brand inspired by the Legendary U.S. highway 31 along with it’s spurs highway 431, 231, and 331 that cover much of the Eastern and Southeastern U.S.  The newer highway you may know as I65.  Driven by the amazing people, places, and events along this route makes it one of the best places to live, stay and play!

The first two-thirds of our name are rather intuitive. Music City is the common nickname of our hometown, Nashville, Tennessee and what we like to think of as the “epicenter or central point” and of course we’re partial but where all the great sound resides! Music City has definitely been classified as the “IT” city but Music City Highway® celebrates the “Music City” life from Mobile to Mackinaw City and every city or small town in between. Celebrating freedom, the open road, and of course music of which Nashville heralds some of the most famous singers and songwriters, and attracts country music fans from all over the world especially during the month of May for CMA fest! 

Music City Highway® is a name that embodies the spirit of our brand and our mission representing the true American Spirit, History, and Freedom that makes Music City one of the best places to live, work, and play. We are proud to live here, and proud to showcase the local businesses, events, activities and citizens that make Music City Highway® one of the best places on earth to reside. We also seek to connect Nashville fans (local or not) with one another.

It should be noted that we don’t just highlight places, cities, and towns along the Highway, but the name is a nod to the great history from the small towns to the Big “Music City”.